Jonathan Steuer, President and CEO

Jonathan conceived of Cyborganic in 1990, and has been working to realize his dream of an online/virtual community space ever since. A Stanford Ph.D. who helped set up Wired magazine's first Internet gateway, Jonathan is rare among cyberspace pundits in combining a deep technical understanding of the Internet with a broad and insightful business vision.

Jonathan has been exploring online community formation since his days as a 1992 summer intern at Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group. In 1993, while leading the development of online ventures for Wired, Jonathan predicted that the World Wide Web would become the Internet's dominant publishing platform.

He created the business model, co-wrote the business plan, and managed the launch team for HotWired from conception through launch in October 1994. He remained at HotWired -- developing job descriptions, hiring personnel, and leading the design and development of software -- through January 1995. One of the first successful advertising sponsored World Wide Web sites, HotWired currently has more than 300,000 subscribers.

More recently, Jonathan led Internet development for c|net: the computer network, a combined cable television/Internet programming network funded in part by Paul Allen and USA Networks. Currently c|net has more than 350,000 members.

A regular speaker at conferences including Internet Expo, Web World, MacWorld, ACM Multimedia, and ACM SIGCHI, Jonathan is a dedicated teacher and active promoter of using networking technology to create communities and new forms of media. He lectures regularly at the American Film Institute and at San Francisco State University.

Jonathan graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1988 and received a doctorate in Communication Theory and Research from Stanford University in January 1995.

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