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Date: Fri, 18 October 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: 654 Mission

Dolmas and Cameras

Last night's TND began under the glare and heat of two (count'em! 2!) television crews roaming our not-yet-ivied halls and poking fuzzy boom-mikes in our faces. A crew from c|net interviewed Caleb and M for a cable special on online community, while MSNBC's The Site conducted a group interview of the GeekCereal Geeks concerning "geeksploitation". Then both crews attempted to get some "impromptu" footage of TND, mostly by cramming into the kitchen which was already packed with Cyborganics enjoying the excellent food brought by Ben Wing, our Guest Chef.

They captured a few choice shots of Cyborganic staffers and members and even filmed each other filming. Cameras and bright lights were everywhere, as people alternated between hamming it up for the cameras and swearing, ducking, and hiding.

The theme this week was Greek, as evidenced by at least one toga (which appeared after the tv crews had packed up and left) and some tasty dolmas, pita bread and feta cheese. Nobody attempted the flaming goat cheese dish -- which was probably just as well.

Mark Petrakis (who contributed to the theme by his Hellenic prescence) came by with some folks from Netscape. Jonathan and Ellen's mom also appeared at TND this week, visiting from Wisconsin.

Robyn Michele? (known as ert on our spacebar) provided us with one of the absolute highlights of the evening when she arrived in a shiny stretch limo escorted by a giant stuffed bear, its head jauntily sticking out of the sunroof. The bear, currently nameless, now resides on the ground floor of Cyborganic, probably for eternity.

Dammit was our esteemed Swabmaster and got the place picked up in record time. Yay, Sean! (Maybe you'll even get listed in the Forest now.)

TND went back online at last, as Cyborganics visited the spacebar and surfed the Web on several computers fresh from our storhouse of old technology. Were any of them checking in to the TND conference, to volunteer or dish? Speaking of old computers, the Mac plusses we have make fantastic chat terminals. If you've got an extra one lying around, donate it to the cause. Just write and let us know or bring it by TND.

Look at peektures:

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Coming up... Trick-or-Treat TND next week!