From: M Normal, TND Queen (

Date: Fri, 11 October 1996 23:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: 654 Mission

Playboy Mansion 70s Swank Night!

The sign on the door said "If you don't swing, don't ring" and TND swung in high style this week, as a glittering gathering of glamorous Cyborganics lounged, schmoozed and boogied our way through a fabulous night at the Playboy Mansion.

The swank that was the later 70s filled Cyborganic Headquarters. Stylin chicks in long gowns showed off the highest heels and bluest eyeshadow anywhere. Leopard prints and sparkly lame were seen side by side with funky denim, open collared silk shirts, and of course plush pajamas and robes. The requisite paparazzi snapped pictures as Kat, Fixer, and other paragons of style posed and sipped their martinis, Asked what he thought of it all, Fixer said, "Taking words of wisdom from the fabulous Bud E. Luv, it's all about accessories. Without the cigar, martini and beatiful women on my arms, I'd just be another guy in a bathrobe."

A crowd gathered around the spiffy new O2, which Kevin Hartz brought fresh off the SGI production line. It seemed blindingly fast (or was that just my head spinning?)

Sahbreenah ( blew everyone away with a lavish spread of luscious goodies - everything from hot chocolate fondue to chilled strawberry-champagne soup, as well as a wonderful selection of tasty canapes and delectable desserts. All this hospitality, and a happening home page too.

DJ Judge Muscat ( brought his loungiest acid jazz and sweetest funk (not to mention turntables and a mixer) and made the scene in an unbelivably cool snakeskin blazer. His music kept the party movin and groovin till after midnight.

Caleb offers another perspective on this week's TND in his entry for GeekCereal.

Swabmaster Naomi, who also oversees Cyborganic's public relations, left Cyborganic spotless and gleaming. She thanks everyone who helped out by making sure trash went into the garbage can and bottles into the recycling bin throughout the night. In other TND news, a conference has been set up to discuss plans and for people to hang out in. See you there!

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