From: Kat (

Date: Fri, 16 Aug. 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Guys and Dolls

There may be gangs in the projects a couple of blocks away, but TND had it's own version of gangster night. Old school gangster style. Blue eyes and bootleg, baby. Silver dollars were flipped and guns were carried (ok, toy guns, but who's counting?). Dames sparkled in jewels and flapper dresses. The candles were brought out yet again at Ramona.

Infidel (Steve Rice) and Josefa of Spacebar fame ganged up on us with pasta just like Ma used to make. Delicioso!! They slaved away over a hot stove all day for youse guys (just like Ma). so hot, in fact, that Steve got informal on us and took off his tie before the end of the night. He sacrificed his fashion for us. That's family-like dedication for you.

Speaking of fashion, you should have seen the crowd in attendance. They sparkled like stars over Napoli, they looked at beautiful as Rome in the summertime. Hats off to Rocky, Fixer, Caleb, and Kat for dressing to make Dean Martin proud, if he were still with us (Bless his soul). These guys that a true gentleman always wears a hat. Rocky was even packing some heat and chomping on a toothpick. Seeing as this was a peaceful, toothsome dinner, he was not forced to use either.

The ladies looked stunning, the kind of gals you'd be proud to take home to Ma. Sonic, Bryna, and Allison stood out in their elegant flapper gowns. Anyone there would protect these gems like you would your sister. Since Josefa and Steve did all the cooking, we don't know if these ladies can cook like Ma, but they were beautiful enough that we might let them take lessons.

Newbie Erik Mathy was good enough to take charge of the camera, pushing through clouds of cigar smoke and dodging glasses of wine in order to get the perfect shots. Maybe we should hire him to take a family portrait, give it to Ma for Mother's Day. Also new to TND was Dan, an old friend of Bryna's from her high school days. Hey, any friend of Bryna's is a friend of ours.

Fixer was playing only the finest music and smoking only the tastiest cigars. I am sure that Frank, Dean, and Ma would have all given this connoisseur of music a standing ovation. After a long day of shooting, sometimes a guy needs beautiful dames, classical music (Sinatra, of course), and a Cuban cigar.

Jared Rhine cleaned up the mess we all made, scrubbing out the wine stains and sweeping up the cigar ashes so that Ma wouldn't have to. What a guy!

People were inspired to write suggestions for future TND's on one of the dry-erase boards.

The night once again ended with some debauchery, with a leather strap being passed around and TND newbie Briya Serrano demonstrating technique on my behind. Ben (Kagemusha from Spacebar) was curious to learn more about the effectiveness of the strap and was interested in posing for a picture with it for the family photo album. Once his back was turned, I couldn't resist giving him a wedgie and smacking him with the strap. I hope Ma doesn't see that picture.

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