From: Kat (

Date: Fri, 9 Aug. 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona


Beer and wine, wooers and woo-ed, naked people and those wearing clothes, all managed to co-exist peacefully. In fact, the strange mix seemed to work well at last night's romantic TND, guest cheffed by the marvelous Molly Wright-Steenson. Granted, last week's junk food was yummy, but nothing beats a delicious home-cooked pasta dinner. It was refreshing to have real food at TND again.

Owen Thomas and Dan Bornstein brought some tasty sauces, crowding the flower-adorned, candlelit with Italian delights. Molly also cooked up a meat soup to appease the carnivores in the crowd. Last night's dinner was even nutritious! I did see Bryna sneaking in a leftover Flapstick, however, and my stomach did a couple of turns at the memory of mini-franks. Quick, back to the dining room for some of the second batch of pasta before it vanishes. Food like this goes fast.

Ellen kept us settled down with the soothing sounds of Abba. Ooo, so romantic!! It inspired me to swab even harder, Ellen. 'Dancing Queen' kept jingling in my head as I bounced from room to room, grabbing empty beer bottles and feeling so domestic. The mellow mood of the evening was fitting. Web surfing was low, the crowd was cozy, and the wine was flowing. I was so relaxed I was able to handle a wandering minstrel in our midst, a multi-talented man named Peter who also gifted us with a bottle of 'Peter's Perfect Pleasure Potion for Passion Plays' (which tasted suspiciously like some sort of sweetened sesame peanut butter).

From Spacebar: Josefa showed up, a new San Franciscan. Congrats on getting away from LA! Nadine and Miriam were here from Yale, Jlweis was up from LA with some other people from SoftAware, giving us a chance to actually physically meet him for the first time. Joe Lira showed up in an Armani suit and leather suspenders. Fancy schmantzy. We felt so honored until we found out Joe had dressed up for something else right before TND. Joe, you should have told us you got dolled up for us like Justin did! (in a more colorful suit and tie, however) Maybe we should have a tie TND.

Neck (Mark Luntzel) celebrated his birthday a day early with us. I guess if a birthday falls on a Friday you're allowed to celebrate it from Thursday until Monday, right?

The night ended in drunken debauchery, the wine having flowed perhaps a bit too quickly. Before I knew it, Molly and I were naked and doing the dishes. The perfect women. Not wanting things to seem sexist, Neck took his clothes off too. The birthday boy in his birthday suit. We cavorted around, convincing Justin to pull his pants down for a celebrity picture. We ran around, glorying in our nakedness, preparing for the Burning Man festival. What is TND coming to, anyway?

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