From: Kat (

Date: Fri, 2 Aug. 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Inorganic Cyborganic

The TND crew celebrated its return to Ramona Street by ingesting large quantities of processed cheese-stuff, miniature hot dogs, Flapsticks, and various other stomach-turning inorganic foods. This morning most TNDers were clutching their bellies, praying to the Porcelain God, and giving thanks to Ms. Wiggles and Joolee for brainstorming last night's theme. "Inorganic Cyborganic" inspired folks to bring in some of the more disgusting foods from the back corners of the frozen food section, some of the dustier bricks of Velveeta, and some of the most brightly colored drinks that most humans would have the good sense to not eat. Common sense, however, has never been known to stand in the way of this crowd.

Our dj was Flux (Brain Moseley) and our swabbie was Neck (Mark Luntzel), giving TND a definite Spacebar feel last night. At several points during the evening, Spacebar denizens would be chatting on different terminals in the same room, dispensing with the more conventional mode of communication, speech. Some folks dressed up for the theme: Jeremy Bornstein donned a large pink piece of plastic as a skirt and I wore latex and green fuzzy zebra-stripes, a la punk rock Betty Rubble. Merin hid her shiny PVC top under a long sleeved shirt much of the night but was coaxed into showing some flesh at various times. Merin also created some keen-o artwork last night. We can always tell when she's been here because of the cool artwork sittting around on the computers.

We missed some old faces last night (some of our staff is out having probably entirely too much fun at Reggae on the River) but got to meet some new kids from all over the globe. Sonic's on-line buddy Jason from Red Herring magazine joined us, as well as some digital culture connoisseurs from Sweden who were scoping out San Francisco. Also new to TND were Ritsu Yonekura and Yoko Gon from the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. They're doing a story on us; we just can't keep Thursday Night Dinner a secret. Ritsu and Yoko were kind enough to give us a huge bag of beautiful presents before they left. And I thought Christmas only came once a year. Thanks to Ritsu and Yoko, and if anyone would like to thank them for the gifts or just write them a quick note!!

Forrest was also showing off artwork last night.Beeeaauuuutifuuul, Forrest! We also had Owen Thomas and T-Jay Fowler show up from Suck!, trying their best to show us that Mean People (work at) Suck(tm). Owen drank too many bright green Kool-Aid's and plopped down in the middle of the hallway, creating a fire hazard and inconveniencing all. Of course, it didn't help that I was sitting right next to him, sprawled all over the hallway and forcing people do gingerly step over me. Of course, I had a valid excuse. I was hiding from the organic food that someone had brought as a theme buster. What, eat somehing that's good for me, eat something that won't keep my body perfectly preserved for the fifty years after I die? Never!

People were good about moseying out of here at a reasonable hour. I'm sure our neighbors were sighing in relief after being rid of us for an entire month. Luckily we'll be moving into our new space on Mission soon and won't have to worry about the noise so much anymore. There were left-overs a-plenty, we'll be snacking on bite-sized weiners for weeks.

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