From: LE'scoot (

Date: Fri, 26 July 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Beach Blanket_________(fill in the blank we couldn't figure out another "B" word)

tnd dispatchhh by Le'scoot

some old book said, "the sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel...", which certainly could have described this week's tnd at the beach. it was your typical sf beach party, as the air was dense and foggy out on 48th ave.

near the pounding surf, it seemed like the 40 of us were standing in the middle of the sky, illuminated by the nearby city. this magical atmosphere made for interesting reunions and conversations.

joe lira of spacebar fame was the mastermind who brought the plan together. while we didn't actually chill at his apartment, it was his beach and his suggestion. thanks joe. definitely one of the most interesting and memorable tnds i have ever been to.

a wonderful fire gave off extreme heat and permeated the brain with smoke. people sat on blankets in a circle staring intensely at it. many got a little closer with sticks holding floppy weiners or puffy marshmallows.

couples of all shapes and sizes took private trips into the dense murk towards the ocean. mark l (ryhno) , brian m (flux), ryan (agro) and myself (le scoot de twat) walked to the ocean and stood around in the fog peeing, talking guy talk. road man justin hall trekked from marin. rumor has it he is building a new society out there. ellen and joolee were the mills posse in effect and cooked brains by the camp fire. it was great to see the cyborganic www attack crew back from winning the 2 week battle in nyc doing panic, caleb, tricia, jonathan seemed happy and confused from the transition from heat sauna in nyc to the foggy stew of sf. there was excitement and talk in the air about recent cyborganic deals and exciting transition and growth in the coming months. bankers are your friends.

there was no dj, but there was no stereo. this did not matter. old school chill banjo and acoustic guitar set the sf summer camp fire mood. The embers became a darker orange closer to midnight and sucked our voices inside its crackling, while the wet air pushed in from the direction of the fog hidden ocean.

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