From: owen (

Date: Fri,12 July 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Pack and Bowl

Life on the road can be hard. But we Cyborganics managed to commune sans kitchen, sans propaganda, and sans our street shoes.

Yes, my friends, we bowled. And how.

The Park Bowl on Haight at Stanyan provided the venue for our first Road TND; a techno DJ, courtesy of the management, spun pulsating music all evening. We first gathered by the bar and had some drinks to stiffen our resolve and loosen our...joints?

Then we sallied forth to the lanes, claiming several on the eastern end. Merin and Kat boogied down until it was their turn. Todd celebrated some outrageously lucky strikes. David , Fixer and Bryna conferred on their scores. Carl Steadman , Sean Welch , and T. Jay Fowler left the Suck enclave to get in some bowling and some pinball. Mark Luntzel showed off his tattoo and shared some white-trash moments with Kat.

Fixer's headed to Atlanta to work on location for some shoe company doing a site for some big sports event there. Must be important, I guess, for him to leave a city with such fine institutions as the Park Bowl.

Let the ball roll.
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