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Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 17:53:38 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Salaam And Farewell

The glorious smell of Indian spices permeated TND this week. The Brothers Bornstein whipped up an incredible banquet. It served to remind us why the British were so reluctant to give up their colonies -- the food is damn tasty. And it was a fitting farewell. For the month of July, Thursday Night Dinners will not be held at the Cyborganic offices. Most of the Cyborganics are headed to New York City to be Online Masterminds of The GIG. Instead, members of the Cyborganic community are organizing Field Trips. Reports will be posted here.

All in all, a mellow TND. People got stuffed on the plentiful food, and mostly folks just sat around and played on the computers. Tricia was notable for her absence. She was holed up downstairs in Nic's office, finishing graphics for the just-launched and particularly fabulous Valley. She entertained a few lucky visitors: her mother among them.

For all the dozen or so bottles of wine people brought, folks didn't seem so trashed. Mostly quiet conversations on the two couches and in the living room, and the obligatory know of people in the kitchen that you find at any party.

Forrest kept the music going -- a far cry from his Goth Extravaganza, but a wonderful mix nonetheless. Marjorie recorded Schoolhouse Rock memories and swabbed, doing double duty as a member of the press and a TND volunteer.

TNDs will be back in August. We'll miss you.

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The TND Propaganda this week explained the monthlong hiatus, and welcomed Kat Kovacs to the Cyborganic staff.


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