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Date: Fri, 14 June 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Carbos, Cops, and Smoothies

After riding his bike all the way to L.A, Owen was still able to scrape up enough energy to come to Ramona and cook us some delicious spaghetti. I, with the secret Jamba Juice recipes locked away in my head, was able to make some smoothies.

Owen made marinara sauce and two rounds of spaghetti Elizabeth Crane , Patron Saint of TND, cooked us an amazing fresh peach tart.

Winston Smith had a fabulous time, discussing plans for a second book of his collages, hanging with the next generation of SF's rebel culture. For those who don't know, Winston is the collage artist responsible for the Dead Kennedys cover art, as well as a host of more recent projects including Green Day's latest album cover.

Marjorie Ingall taped peoples' fading memories of Schoolhouse rock for a multimedia piece she's working on. And, as further proof that we won't be young forever, Julien admitted that he had never heard of an Atari (we'll forgive him, he's only 11). Fortunately, we have Uncle Johnny's 520ST and a bevy of games to show Julien (who's used to 3D software and VR engines) the wonderful world of retro-tech videogaming. What's next, Pong?

Scooter DJed in all three rooms. He played jazz, hiphop, all kinds of cool stuff. Cool guy. No wonder he's bald.

Then the police came. Everybody was wonderful. The neighbors complained, but nicely. Jen Elliott and Aimee Cardwell did an incredible job making the place clean.

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I played a blank tape on full volume.  The mime who lived next door
complained.  So I shot him with a gun with a silencer.