From:Sarah Keough (

Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona


Bag Lunch TND

The bell rang and instinctively, all of us at Cyborganic Elementary grabbed our brown bags and lunch boxes and ran onto the playground. As usual, the popular kids sat over by the tether ball courts; the nerds at the lunch tables, in their assigned seats; and the bad kids hid underneath the big play structure, plotting things we nerds only dream of.

Kat Kovacs , our wonderful lunch lady, handed out the bag lunches this week and we quickly dispersed into smaller groups to trade chips for candy and orange burst Hi-C for Boppin' Berry. Kat made peanut butter and jelly as well as turkey and cheese sammiches, spreading on that Miracle Whip like a pro.

Our pal Owen brought his Quicktake again this week, providing us with pictures and witty captions. We always knew he was a good kid.

Psst, go see the best in TND eavesdropping at the TND Picnic Table! Read, out of context, little tidbits of conversation that our nosy Cyborganics scrawled on the picnic table. Teehee!! I heard there was even something about panties written there!! Shhh.

This Week's Cyborganic Propaganda Fast becoming a TND institution, the Cyborganic propaganda serves as a little weekly newsletter to keep the kids updated.

Some of the more artsy kids got together and made some ass-kicking MacPaint art. Go on, check it out!

Baal was our DJ this week. He was great, playing good music, and actually sending in a playlist for your reading enjoyment!

Our swabmaster this week was new to tnd. Mark was fabulous! A very nice fellow and a great swabber. To read more about it, we got a hold of the memo concerning him and our school lunches in general. One of the kids in the upper grades hacked into our school's internal correspondence system. We kids hafta know!

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Sarah Kid Wonder