From:Sarah Keough (

Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Spring Flowers

It's Spring in the Cyborganic Gardens! The weather is nice and the sounds of bizarre geek mating rituals fill the air. Kevin Mathieu brought us this wonderful Spring Flowers TND. He made a big salad, sprinkled with edible flower petals. Other people brought pastas and french bread, cheese and wine. The table was full of wonderful, light picnic food! See actual Cyborganics eating!

We unloaded the QuickTake on, er, i mean, we gave the honor of Guest Photographer to Joe Lira . He took some fabulous photos, but a few of them left us guessing. If you happen to know the owners of the following body parts, we'd be happy if you'd let us know. There is an unclaimed shoulder, and a nice belly.

Solanna brought some new friends from work this week. Our Sonic found some really tall people to play with. Little Phil was here again, looking sweet as ever, running around with a mom on his trail. Phil had a brush with fame last week when a photographer came to TND. His picture made the Cyborganic Article in the LA Times.

Attn: The Cutest Pictures from this week have been moved to the Cute Gallery.

Psst, go see the best in TND eavesdropping at the TND Picnic Table! Read, out of context, little tidbits of conversation that our nosey Cyborganics scrawled on the picnic table.

This Week's Cyborganic Propaganda Fast becoming a TND institution, the Cyborganic propaganda serves as a little weekly newsletter to keep the kids updated.

Matt Brown was our DJ this week. He brought a pile of cds, including more than one Greatful Dead album. Several times, when Matt wasn't looking, Scooter snuck over and switched the Greatful Dead cd in the stereo with Liz Phair. Hee hee.

Hmmm. Our swab situation was a little confusing this week. There were several rumors going around as to who the real swabmaster was. It turns out that our swabbie was indeed Eric Oesterle . Apparently he did a wonderful job too. He even organized the tupperware above the sink!

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Sarah Kid Wonder