From:Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 29 Mar. 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Ari, chef supreme

I'm not a Vegan but I play one on tv...

Ari Salomon insisted that he was not a Vegan but last night the amazing soup he prepared spoke against him. Only someone who loves vegetables a bit more than usual could have worked such miracles with them. He picked up the recipe a few years ago in Portland, Oregon, and boy were we glad he shared. He said that he had liked the food so much he even saved the receipt from the restaurant!
Of course some in attendence can't allow an opportunity to pass without a gesture. This time around it came from that denizen of the deep, owner of guns (or so we've heard), terror of small towns, eater of meat Fixer , who stopped by with twenty four cheeseburgers! So much for a Vegan TND.
Forrest or God?

You know you are safe at TND when God (sic) is looking benignly down upon you.
Kid Wonder

Music for the evening was provided Sarah Kid Wonder who is not a musician, but she plays one on tv. She even brought her father along for the evening.

Read our Propaganda Leaflet which has become a regular item at TND explaining the evenings events and giving credit where it is due, namely our Guest Chefs, Guest DJs and Guest Swabmasters without whom we couldn't do this.
There was an interesting mix of clothing styles for the evening. Mark Gavini went for the grunge look, while Elise Fried presented a slightly different facade. Eyewear was also spread over a wide range of distribution (I'm not a statistician but I play one on tv).

Our best small friend Phil brought his parents so he could mess up computers in Bryna's office. As he did this Bryna sat back on the couch just sort of taking it all in. The other computer in her office was pretty much devoted to Big Book searches for the evening. Meanwhile, birthdays were being celebrated in the SGI room.


Todd Kerpelman did a bang-up job as Swabmaster for the evening. He was actually witnessed picking up cups and plates and putting things away. Thanks for the help, Todd. I'm sure that if you were on tv you could play - oh, enough of that.


Lookit some of the art generated on our old Mac 512k. We have quite a few talented people here at TND. Next time you are here, give it a try.

Scrawlings on our Picnic Table

See how the TNDers expressed themselves on our Picnic Table last night. It's always something unique.

And finally, an honorable mention must go to Ryan Powers for walking around the house and getting people to sign up as guest chef, dj, or swabbie for upcoming TNDs. Woo hoo Ryan!

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Jeffrey Logsdon

ex-culinary doormat