From:Sarah Keough (

Date: Fri, 22 Mar. 1996 11:10:27 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Andrej, our chef

A Hungarian Feast

The chicken papikash with nokali and polish almond cake was brought to us by Andrej Lisowki. He was here hours before TND, working hard on preparing the fabulous meal. On behalf of all the TND diners, props to Andrej for guest cheffing. He even included a spinach lasagna for those of us who do not eat meat.

Last night the halls of Ramona were crowded but people largely kept their wildness in check. This TND was more of a mellow dinner than a raging party. Hey, only one fight broke out. Some of the highlights of the evening were: Nick Montfort's Mortal Kombat shirt, the presence of all our beautiful TND regulars, and outright displays of affection. A French news crew came to TND last night to ask us questions, and pushed its way through Ramona's narrow halls looking official. Sarah and Ryan were seen waving a large, shrink-wrapped salami at them whenever they walked past.

This Week's Cyborganic Propaganda
This week we passed out more flyers to make sure everyone knew just what Thursday Night Dinners were really about.

Stefan Lisowski was our DJ last night, spinning out one of the best playlists yet! Indeed, Cyborganic hasn't rocked this hard since ZZ Top played live at Trash Blanc.

Joe Neufeld was this week's Swabster. This man was a swabbing maniac. He washed, he gathered, he rinsed, and all with a smile on his face. If we could have a swabbie this great every week...

The Cyborganic Picnic Table
Look at the musings left this week by everybody's favorite TNDers!

The MacPaint Art, done on our Macintosh 512 never ceases to fascinate me. Check it out!

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Sarah Kid Wonder