Jamie's playlist:

You were thrilled by the sound, now get the details! Here's the playlist from the Serf's Up! TND:

The Tall Ship Eagle/
	U.S. Coast Guard Orchestra (75th Bicentennial Album)
Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia/Boswell Sisters
Zaz Zun Zaz/Cab Calloway
A Shot In The Dark/
	Henry Mancini (Trail of the Pink Panther Soundtrack)
You Can Take Salem Out Of The Country
	(But You Can't Take The Country Out Of Salem)
	/Salem Cigarettes (TV 'Toons - Commercials)
Masters Of War/Bob Dylan (Biograph)
The Future/Leonard Cohen (Natural Born Killers)
Finland Red,Egypt White/The SIsterhood (Gift)
Burn Hollywood, Burn/
	Public Enemy (Fear Of A Black Planet)
California †ber Alles/Disposable Heroes of hiphoprisy
Money (Cover Charge mix)/KMFDM (Money/Bargeld single)
Promenage II/Art Of Noise (Below The Waste)
Pick One Up & Smoke It Some Time/
	Muriel Cigars (TV 'toons - Commercials)
This Corrosion/Sisters Of Mercy (Floodland)
Elanor Plunkett/Clannad
Drunken Sailor/Pennsylvania Ren Faire
Halber Mensch/Einstźrtende Neubauten (Halber Mensch)
The Supermen/David Bowie (The Man Who Sold The World)
Doubleplusgood/Eurythmics (1984)
Autobahn/Kraftwerk (The Mix)
Big Brother &
Dance Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family
	/David Bowie (Diamond Dogs)
Hizbollah/Ministry (The Land Of Rape & Honey)
Now/Meat Beat Manifesto (99%)
Love War Riot/Psychic TV (Singles Vol.1)
Terror Couple Kill Colonel/Bauhaus ('79-'83 Vol.1)
Savior Machine/David Bowie (The Man Who Sold The World)
Diabolos '88/Samhain (November Coming Fire)
Bangdad/Loop Guru (Duniya)
The Dogs Kids Love To Bite/
	Armour Hot Dogs (TV 'toons - Commercials)
Greetings From A Dead Man/Eurythmics (1984)
Pocket Calculator/Kraftwerk (Computerworld)
Conditioning/Howard Jones (Human's Lib)
International Sin Set/
	My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Sexplosion!)
Fuck Up Beats/Chemical Brothers (Exit Planet Dust)