The Danfuzz playlist:

You were thrilled by the sound, now get the details! Here's the playlist from the Cyborganic High Prom Night TND:

The Trammps--Disco Inferno
U-Tek--Das Mass Der Dinge
Emergency Broadcast Network--Psychoactive Drugs
Kraftwerk--The Telephone Call
Front 242--Felines
Adrian Belew--Oh Daddy
Brian Eno--Sky Saw
Sting--Fortress Around Your Heart
Sonic Youth--The Sprawl
King Crimson--Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
Aphex Twin--Tha
Fuzzboy--Sacrificial Lamb
Little Axe--Wolf Story
Front 242--Rhythm Of Time
J. Geils Band--Freeze-Frame
Machines Of Loving Grace--Rite Of Shiva
Cetu Javu--Situations
Clock DVA--Voice Recognition Test
LFO--Mentok 1
Front 242--This World Must Be Destroyed (DMSO1-4)
Einsturzende Neubauten--Die Interimsliebenden
My Bloody Valentine--Soon
Coil--Tainted Love
Sisters Of Mercy--Flood I
Madonna--Material Girl
Material--Words Of Advice
Little Axe--Ride On
Art Of Noise--Kiss
Laibach--Codex Durex
Orbital--Crash And Carry
Lipps, Inc.--Funkytown
X-Marks The Pedwalk--Never Dare To Ask
Einsturzende Neubauten--Ein Stuhl In Der Holle
Machines Of Loving Grace--Number Nine

-- Intermission, and crowning of Sonic  and Squishy 

Cyndi Lauper--Time After Time (the king and queen danced)
Sting--Love Is The Seventh Wave
Talking Heads--And She Was
William Orbit--A Touch Of The Night
Jean-Michel Jarre--Revolutions
KMFDM--We Must Awaken
Machines Of Loving Grace--Butterfly Wings
Cop Shoot Cop--Coldest Day Of The Year
Danielle Dax--Big Hollow Man
Front 242--Headhunter 01
Duran Duran--Rio
Delerium--Flowers Become Screens
Doubting Thomas--Father Don't Cry
Skinny Puppy--Dig It
Throbbing Gristle--Six Six Sixties
J. Geils Band--Centerfold
Legendary Pink Dots--Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade
Cop Shoot Cop--Hung Again

-mixmaster danfuzz