From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 2 Feb. 1996 10:56:52 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Talk wit' yiz hands!

Our chefs
In the spirit of South Philly everyone's Italian heritage was celebrated last night at TND. (Everyone is part Italian aren't they?) Our Guest Chefs Elizabeth Crane and Richard Raucci and of course their son Philip served up a very traditional meal of sweet and hot Italian sausage (from Molinari's mmm...), meatballs, and pasta galore. People couldn't wait to eat and started while standing in the kitchen. Others contributed focaccia and desert. Red wine and Rolling Rock flowed briefly.

The evening was a relatively quiet one for a change. With little Phillip running around under foot it was nice not having a huge crowd to contend with as well. We had a few visitors who came to visit the Guest Chefs and even Jeff Goodell the Rolling Stone journalist. For the most part people spent their time playing at the computers or simply sitting around and talking. Guest DJ Squishy spun tunes reminiscent of old South Philly. Billy Joel. Ack.
Beginning this week, Sarah Keough will be helping compose the TND Dispatch as part of her duties here at Cyborganic. Image manipulation this week is largely her doing. Woo hoo!


In announcing the evening Elizabeth made sure to stress the request for appropriate attire and attitude. Big hair, wide lapels, black suits with white ties and any other things that one could think of to fit the stereotype of South Philly were suggested. Among the folks who decided to dress the part for the evening were Mark Gavini doing his best thug imitation: "You talkin' ta me!?!" We had a few other Philly wanna-be's for the evening. It's nice to see people get into the spirit of the occasion.

Who needs Photoshop?
We have an old Mac 512k sitting around as part of our growing collection of antique computers. Each week we will include artwork created on this machine using MacPaint 1.0. It's 1984! You don't need expensive computers and software to create nice art, just a bit of imagination

We continue the use of CuSee Me at TND with a rather interesting conversation.

We at Cyborganic also had cause to celebrate the launching of Calliope Media's new Web site yesterday. Check it out.
Our Guest Swabmaster this week was Sean Welch who worked incredibly well at keeping us clean and orderly. He seemed to be on top of the dishwashing all night. There was never a pile of dirty dishes anywhere. There was no cleaning at all to do this morning! Thanks, Sean, for setting an example for all to follow.
And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!
Jeffrey C. Logsdon

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