From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 26 Jan. 1996 10:43:29 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

We Are Sex

Wanda Well that may be a bit strong but I daresay some TND attendees come pretty close. Last night was Exotic/Erotic night as envisioned by Guest Chef Wanda Webb . She shelled oysters right and left, set out plates of chocolate covered strawberries, poured chamgagne, and generally distributed foods often associated with the ol' libido. While food may be erotic, it takes people to make it happen. Last night we had quite a few trying to make it happen...
The gathering was a relatively small, cozy one consisting largely of TND regulars who certainly know how to dress for the occasion. The outfitting ranged from the soft velvet of Bryna's black jumpsuit to black leather straps with some gold lame thrown in to boot. New York Dolls all over again.
CuSee-Me was the hit of the evening again. It's nice to interact with human faces even if they are slow moving and not very clear. Once someone can see your face your reactions are quite different than they might be in a chat room. Unless you are Sonic of course.

Last night we celebrated Marjorie's birthday! And her in (fake) leopard skin no less. It was also Kevin Mathieu's birthday. Twenty-seven years old and looking as handsome as ever. Woo hoo!


Rebecca Eisenberg hung out in one of the front rooms most of the evening discussing the hell that is legal opinion research.

Professor Jeremy
"Professor" Jeremy Bornstein , acting as Guest DJ for the evening, spun some really amusing tunes. Apparently, unless you are wearing a rucksack, having breasts will make you fall over. At least that's what the song said. Leave it to Jeremy to find something like that to play at TND. Here's the playlist.

Meanwhile, the kitchen continues to collect a crowd of onlookers. This seems to be a holdover from childhood. Everyone has to stand around in the kitchen waiting for food. Sort of an Edible Complex.
There was quite a collection of people in the front office with the graphics stations at one point. Apparently a rather interesting site had been located for the evening...

Another point of interest was the piece of software Ari Salomon brought over for us to play with called Poser from Fractal Design. Dan Bornstein showed off one of his many talents with it. In the back room we have an old Mac 512k running MacPaint. People create some nifty artwork, proving that Photoshop is not a necessity.

We must thank Elinor Mills for acting as Guest Swabbie and keeping the mess under control. She put together a sort of french maid cleaning team towards the later part of the evening. Wow. Now that's coordination. As TND gets bigger, the mess it creates does too. Without the Guest Swabmaster we would be spending hours on Friday just cleaning up. In the spirit of things Erotic, all bow down to the Swabmaster.

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!
Jeffrey C. Logsdon

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