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Date: Fri, 19 Dec. 1996 11:00:29 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

An Gorta Mor

This week at TND Vagabond Jim and Aimee Cardwell remember the great potato famine of 1845 during which 40% of the potato crop of Ireland was destroyed by disease. This was followed a year later, in 1846, by an even greater outbreak of the same disease resulting in the near-total loss of the potato crop and subsequent starvation. This disaster provided the impetus for large scale emigrations from Ireland to England and the United States. Potatoes rule!!!

Guest Correspondents!

I was absent last night (having dinner aboard the Jeremiah O'Brian as a guest of the Glencannon Society) and in my stead Mister 3D and Rebecca Eisenberg were gracious enough to act as Guest Correspondents. Check out their work!
And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!
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