From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 5 Dec. 1996 11:49:05 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

It's getting a bit Chili

Holly Holly Kreuter, having just returned from the frozen winter wonderland that is Minneapolis, decided to warm the hearts of the TND crowd last nite with a good, hot chili dinner. As the weather gets cooler here (those of us from climates less temperate know it never gets cold here) it helps to have hot food. Holly most certainly provided the best. In addition to the chili, of the Cincinnati variety, there was pasta and, fortuitously, many saw fit to bring corn bread. And wine. And beer. Is there ever any doubt? In any event, by about 10:00 pm all was gone.

Newsflash! The new T1 is here!

Some attendees

Ben Wing, Graham Potter, and Tricia McGillis among others

Bryna As the evening progressed we saw a few new faces including a number of unwired folk. No email addresses to give you. It's nice to come across someone like this in San Francisco. In addition to the new faces were the usual crowd of Cyborganics and non-Cyborganics. Dan Haig, settled in after his trip to India, parked himself in the front room and told stories. On a shallow note, Allison and Aimee discussed the merit of a woman I saw last week who's hair was long enough to drag on the ground. They had a few interesting things to say about her. Rest assured both of them have hair far more lovely than this woman could ever hope to have.

Our youngest TND regular, little Phil, was quite the madman last nite. He has just returned from points east and was still on Eastern Time. This means mad dashes up and down the hall, valiant attempts to kill a few computers, and then time to go home before he bonks. But he led a few people on a merry chase last nite.

And our own Jenny Cool worked to drum up some commitments for participation as Guest Chefs, DJs, and Swabbies.

I must note that this week is Merin McDonell's birthday! Happy Birthday Merin! Merin has been a Guest Chef at TND in the past and is one of the favorite regular attendees. It was also Bagus Haig's 30th birthday yesterday! Bagus has also been a past Guest Chef.

Graham Potter is leaving for an extended journey to numerous points unknown. He has been selling his furniture, motorcycle, and other belongings in preparation. He leaves next week and we wish him an interesting and undoubtedly educational trip.
guest DJ

In addition to the normal variety of music and noise about the house, the evening's Guest DJ, Spats, spun a lively mix of music keeping the back of the house fairly crowded. Of course, the proximity of the kitchen helped too.
guest Swabbie

As our new tradition of Guest Swabbies continues we must thank David Raymond for his help in doing dishes and generally keeping things neat and orderly last nite. Great job David!

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Jeffrey C. Logsdon

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