From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 10:02:03 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Idaho loves us!

Latke boy

Last night didn't actually seem to have much of a theme. People were all over the map in matters of clothing. What had started as an evening devoted to a theme of Metropolitan (as in the film) dress and cocktailing seemed to happily wander just about everywhere. The overriding concern quickly became "Are those Latkes hot?" This brings us to the reason Idaho must love us. Chef Jonathan Steuer went through 30 pounds of potatoes within about four hours. And they were quite good. They made a fine breakfast this morning too.

Dress this evening ranged from Kevin Matthieu in a spiffy tux and bow tie (sorry no picture) to Elise Friedman as, well, something extraordinary - with knives to boot. Jenny Cool showed up as Sleazy the Elf, and Merin McDonnel was dressed to kill as she created a lovely Christmas vista on the 8100 using Photoshop. There was a smaller crowd than usual this week, perhaps due to the impending holidays. This breathing room seemed to put everyone in the proper frame of mind - smiles were evident throughout the house. Even the Object Oriented Bruce Ong stopped by!

Bruce Ong

This week was also Kat Kovacs' birthday and Ben Wing brought a cake loaded with cherries and candles, not that she's old or anything. I don't know how she managed to blow the candles out. The top of the dress she was wearing looked too tight to inhale. Kat was obviously in a playful mood as she demonstrated with her discovery of what black lights will do to hair dyed bright green. But, you say, Kat has very dark hair. In response I say only that the black lights are located in our bathroom. You figure it out...

We have started a new tradition this week at TND. Beginning last night and continuing from now on, we will have a guest DJ to organize sound in at least one room. Part of the charm of having so many computers with CD drives attached to them is that one can walk from room to room and hear different music in each. But now, the large room at the back will have an ongoing mix of music overseen by a DJ. This week, Charlie Fulton in all ways filled the bill.
We have also instituted another job - Swabmaster! We have gotten to the point where it has become too much work to clean up after TND each week. The Swabmaster will maintain an ongoing vigil against trash, bottles, and dirty dishes throughout the evening. Ovid Jacob volunteered as our first initiate. If last night was any indication, this should prove to be most helpful. Thanks for the help Ovid.

Finally, note that once again, images for these pages were created by grabbing frames from videotape. Jenny Cool provided the camcorder. Thank you! Without technology, TND itself would not be possible.

And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York!

Jeffrey C. Logsdon

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