From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 10:12:02 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

A night that will live in infamy

By fortuitous circumstance, TND this week fell upon the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It was felt that some acknowledgement of this fact should be made, so - Pearl Harbor Party! A strange assortment of foods and beverages were collected during the course of the evening as everyone tried to fit the theme of Hawaiian, Japanese, and World War II era American food and drink. Everything from pineapple upside down cake to sushi was served, including a very tasty ham which seemed to disappear before reaching the table. This of course was accompanited by cries of "Who hocked the ham?!?" Ouch.

In keeping with the TND gets bombed! theme the most popular location in the house was the open bar manned by various Lotus Eaters. Inevitably, the Kamikaze was the drink of choice.


It just so happened that an interesting fellow from Japan, Yoshihiro Kaneda, happened to stop by this evening to check out the TND. He is a freelance reporter/author writing about computers and the Internet. We were most happy to have him.

But of course the highlight of the evening occured around 10:30. This week both Dr. Cheez and Miz Fran celebrated birthdays! It's always nice to have more than one birthday at TND. Two big cakes were presented (Jonathan's of course had Ramona's IP address on it) to the accompaniment of great fanfare. Jonathan received a new coffee grinder. Just what he needs, more caffeine!

Beyond these highlights it was business as usual - crowded and noisy. Sonic yelling in the background; laughter; discussions about everything from computers to how cool the Exploratorium is. Quite a few people playing with the terminals, including young Phillip who has found a way to learn his ABC's in style.


All in all, quite a successful evening. Whoever said East and West shall never meet never went to TND.

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Jeffrey C. Logsdon

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