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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 9:19:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona


This week, MsWiggles and the Lotus Eaters fostered a feeling of comfortable well-being by serving - breakfast ! And of course, everyone was requested to present themselves in their PJ's! What a lovely sight. Especially Jenny Cool. Woo Hoo! One concern durning an evening of no other concerns at all was the potential of hordes of guests intrigued by the Rolling Stone article of this week in which our address (actually the wrong address) was published. We actually enlisted the aid of a bouncer for the evening.

Ellen Steuer, guest chef Unfortunately for me, I was sick and was unable to attend in person. So, in lieu of myself I present my eyes and ears at TND - Bryna Bank and Mister 3D (Public domain/Cyborganic security interface). Read on...
To: All Interested TND'ers
From: Mister 3D, Security Interface Device

re: Collateral Damage

Wednesday evening, Cool and Cheeeez approached me with few requests:

  1. Secure world peace within 24hrs
  2. Stop putting raw liver in their shoes, and
  3. Act as security for the post Rolling Stone TND just in case
My answers: Not enough time, no, and sure.

I decided that my all black suit would be the best intimidation factor I could come up with (that and the fact that I am as big as your car). The beat was uneventful at best. No one attempted to breech our security roadblock, scale the 12 foot electric fence or brave the moat of ravenous piranha. Go figure.

I did have many lovely visitors though. At times it seemed that there might have been more people hanging out with me than upstairs having breakfast. It was tough keeping up my gruff gee-whiz-everyone-else-is-upstairs-having-fun-and-I'm- here-all-alone act. Hmmm.

Let's see.....anything interesting happen?.....uhhhh....hmmmm....OH YEAH! I had to whack an old lady who looked at me funny.

That is all//res>>nnnn

And from Bryna...
Out on the porch at TND, Vagabond Jim commented to Sara Keyhole and myself that the night was one of involuntary gregariousness: even if you felt anti-social, the friendliness was so abundant that it was easy to get swept into good conversation. The Mills crew arrived early to cook breakfast, but people were eating the delectable mix of sugar cereals from Costco long before the french toast and tater tots were ready. The hilight of the evening was the variety of nighttime fashion statements: pyjamas galore! Mister3D, in his dark and dangerous bouncer's attire, manned the door against the stalkers and psychos who never seemed to appear. In fact the crowd was cozy, warm and a definite community. Last night it seemed the Cyborganics all felt at home.

And finally...

This week, TND regular Kat Kovacs roared in on her Harley to act as roving reporter and photographer. She was assisted by Ben Wing, another regular and often a contributor to the various Cyborganic email conversations. Kat in her PJ's

And Ian McFarland has contributed another Dispatch describing the goings on at the PJ Party. Check it out!

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And don't forget to visit our counterpart in New York
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