"Ya Der Hey!"

With that, Mister 3-D's call to the Thursday Night "Virtual Tailgate Party," ringing in my ears, I wandered on to Ramona around ten thirty. Showing up two and half hours late is a dubious way to kick off a first TND dispatch, but Mistress Cool didn't seem terribly concerned about my tardiness as she thrust an Apple QuickTake into my left hand and a glass of dry red wine into my right.

Tragically, I had missed the brats, which I understand were flown in from Wisconsin in the spirit of the festivities and properly prepared in Sconnie style using liberal amounts of PBR by Rick and Jeff. I indicated my displeasure in missing the meal by grabbing Julie from the kitchen and encouraging her to heave a variety of Hostess Snack Cakes from the balcony to the TNDers below. Shortly thereafter, Sonic, who needed no encouraging, joined us, and the three of us proceeded to make a mess that Caleb would complain about the very next morning on space.bar. It seems that Ding Dongs are the best flyers, Twinkees do the most damage, and Ho Ho's are the yummiest.

Thanks to Ken Emery, it was impossible to run out of beer. He had "tree kegs sittin around doin nuttin," Rick reported in Sconniespeak. " I don understand dat. How can yous have beer doin nuttin?" In fear of further Sconniespeak torture, TNDers did their best to do something with it.

Curiously, as much as people wander through the house on Ramona, I've begun to notice that many regular TNDers seem to find a certain comfortable place that they can most often be found at throughout the evening. I know I'll always find Bryna Bank leaning invitingly against the rail on the balcony, Ian at the conn in front of the mighty SGI, Stacy wandering the kitchen laughing about geography, Merin commanding an audience in the living room, and Jenny Cool simultaneously in the back bedroom and everywhere else all at once. Make sure to visit them all!

Lots of toys! Jonathan brought out an original Macintosh running System 4.2. I watched someone take this computer with an operating system smaller than the mouse driver in Windows 95 and create a three dimensional space that wouldn't have looked out of place in a WebSpace window. Creativity is king.

The rest of the evening is well documented and permanently recorded by the photos to the left and right of these words. They will grow bigger right before your very eyes; simply add mouse click. Ending this once again in the Sconniespeak of Rick,

"Datz it doncha know."
Julie was reluctant at first, but was soon hurling Twinkees at unsuspecting TNDers with vigor
A Twinkee eye view
of the target below
Jeff, one of the evenings' cooks, in a slightly manic moment
After I finished shooting the second or so "roll" of film, Apple QuickTake owner Rocky Mullin tells me it only works for close ups
Violence nearly ensues over the last can of Pabst Blue Ribbon
Jenny Cool demonstrates hand puppets to a disinterested and evasive Sonic
"What did you say about my bra?" I took this picture and walked away. Quickly.
Ian McFarland, for Sierra Nevada
Pale Ale.
From: vagabond@zoomst.com (Vagabond Jim)
Received: from ramona.cyborganic.com (ramona.cyborganic.com []) as a chaotic set of bits and turned into these words for you.

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 3:19:39 AM (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

- Vagabond Jim