From: Jeffrey Logsdon (

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 12:14:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

The cuisine of South Asia

The folks from Neo Communications, in conjunction with Steve Bahcall and Aneela Mirchandhani treated the TND crowd to a wonderful display of South Asian cuisine this evening. It was difficult to avoid simply standing in the kitchen and breathing in the smells. Curry everywhere. Most simply stood, smelled, and had a beer until shoo-ed out.

When it came time to eat there was a rush to the dining room the likes of which have not been seen is some time. The food was gone in all of 15 minutes or so. The Neo folks are turning into a TND favorite.

Sean and Ian There was actually quite a crowd this week with most of the computers in use all evening as folks surfed the web, chatted at the space bar, or simply played with the toys.
New Cyborganic family member Bryna Bank got a chance to show off her new machine and desk to her housemate Jamie Lawrence. Woo hoo! Jamie and Bryna

We also had quite a diverse age range this week, with the youngest guest weighing in at 2.5 years old. And he's already computer literate!

As usual, MsWiggles brought a contingent of friends from Mills College. MsWiggles is one of the more photogenic types within the Empire. However, Mister3d comes in a close second. Not wanting to miss out on the picture fun, Jenny Cool, Vagabond Jim, Gary , and Merin Mcdonell all got in on the fun.

Ben and Kat

Ben Wing and Kat Kovacs pop up for the second week in a row. I seem to recall seeing Kat with a leash around her neck at one point. Hmmm...

One thing everyone seemed to be doing this evening was dropping in on Cheez who sat in his office far too long.

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