From: Jeffrey Logsdon (
Received: 30 October, 1995

Date: 12 October, 1995 Thurs, 12 Oct 1995 9:19:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: 67 Ramona

It's Jenny Cool's Birthday!

The chefs of the evening, Jonathan Steuer and Marjorie Ingall whipped up an amazing burrito dinner (Festa Mexicana!) with a hot salsa that, well gosh you could strip paint with the stuff. People were inspired to pose with their plates. Now that's good cooking.

Marjorie has also taken the road less travelled and become a food poet. Check out her latest haiku-like work written in reminiscence of this evening.

Mister3D says "It was yummy//res>>nnnn."

Many of those in attendance, as usual, were hanging out in the kitchen.

The presentation of a cake Of course, the big event of the evening was a celebration of the birthday of our own Jenny Cool. There were three, count 'em, three birthday cakes! How do we love thee? Let me count the ways. Jenny knows the response to that: "i got 3 cakes! YAY, so sweet, so yummy."

Jenny's cake

Part of the fun is getting presents. A new VCR was just what our resident filmmaker needed. It came in a big box.

Jenny hams it up

Jenny was persuaded to pose with quite a few people during the course of the evening. Such a ham. Here we see Ken Goldberg, Jenny, Steve Bahcall, and Sonic.

By the end of the evening some of us were beginning to get a bit tired and grumpy.

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