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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 9:19:39 -0700 (PDT)
Dateline: Ramona

Periodicity Predictions Proved: a mellow week at TND

I knew it would be a mellow week at TND, in fact I predicted it. After months of careful tracking, charting and consultation with outside experts the periodicity of TND has been determined to be two hopping weeks followed by one mellow week. Come thrice in a row and see for yourself.

Bagus whipped up an enormous caldron of his super hot spagetti sauce and seemed to have a fine time doing it.

Richard and Michael of Erg8 brought several loaves of incredibly delicious garlic-basil bread and someone else (whoever you are, you're wonderful) brought a crisp and colorful salad. The resulting dinner looked so good, Merin and I decided to scan it FRESH!

Don't worry guys, we wiped down the scanner.
This week's rare and/or returning visitors, included the incomparably cool, Winston Smith seen below with Ramona-regulars Mara and Stacy had some fun. Perhaps they are exchanging juicy secrets ;-)

Notable for his absence, was Vagabond Jim who sent this message to TND from his sick bed. And Ian McFarland sent this Dispatch.

Finally, the prize for most cooperative photo-subject goes to the Polygraph Dudes:

From left to right:

Scott Raffer, Kevin Mathieu, Eric Paulos, and Ken Goldberg

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